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  • Take advantage of our special offers by visiting one of our Fitting Centres now.











    Your battery is at the heart of your motor providing that extra power when required for engine start, lighting, air conditioning and the energy management system. If you don't look after it then the day will come when you are caught unawares on that frosty morning when you are late for work already. It pays to get it thoroughly checked as part of your service and it also pays to be acutely aware yourself of changes in it's performance. Is your engine taking that bit longer to start, is the starter motor turning over slower than normal, is the horn not as loud as it was, these are all signs of a failing battery or perhaps deteriorating contacts along the circuit path.


    we have the equipment to check it out and determine whether it is reducing battery performance or simply a poor contact.

  • These days air conditioning is the norm in a new car although only essential on very few days in this British climate. Like all other vehicle components time and use lead to a need for attention and we have the ability to recharge your unit and bring it back to it's new performance. When you have become accustomed to that nice cool breeze on that baking hot summer's day you won't want to press the button and be confronted with more warm air, so talk to us about how we can help you get the best out of your air conditioning.

  • Act NOW !  -  Dont let that small patch of rust turn into a major problem  -  Instead of letting your prized posession go to rack and ruin, let us give it that new again look by booking it in to our bodyshop where our skilled craftsmen know how to produce that superb new look.

    Whether it is a minor touch up, a full respray or reconstruction after an accident then M and M are the team to provide the best value quality work on your car. It costs you nothing to ring up and get our quote so dont delay ring today.

    For details of our Bodyshop facility please follow this link.


  • In this age of austerity why buy new, we can take your car and bring it back to the way you remember it when you first got it. We have the equipment, techniques and professional cleaning materials that give your car a deep clean so that it regains that new look smell and feel for less than a night down the pub.

    For that finishing touch allow us to go on and wash and wax your vehicle to a like new shine protecting the paint finish from road salt and contaminants. Recent research has proven that a clean shiny finish on your vehicle reduces the vehicles drag coeffecient and thus increases your miles per gallon, proving yet again that a well kept car is a more economical one.

  • for brakes give us a call Middlesbrough 01642 251963 // Stockton 01642 670390

    The most fundamental safety component of a vehicle is the braking system and it is vitally important that it is serviced and maintained by experts because mistakes made in this operation can be extremely unforgiving.

    The braking system is always an essential part of your vehicle servicing but if you have any concerns at any time about your vehicles braking performance then you are strongly advised to come along and get it checked.

    We have the ability to service all brake types from all makers and are also able to diagnose and remedy Automatic Braking System faults for any cars fitted with ABS systems.

    For details of our Brake Servicing facility please follow this link.

  • computerised alignment from £14.95

    Controlliing your car is the most important element of driviing and the foundation of this is correct wheel alignment. Wheel alignment also has a major effect upon tyre wear and fuel economy so you simply cannot afford not to ensure that your wheel alignment is optimised.

    M and M offer a wheel alignment service with using state of the art technology as recommended by the top vehicle makers such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes (to name but a few) and we can provide a wheel alignment status printout before and after set up to clearly demonstrate the improvements made.

  • for service your vehicle call us middlesbrough 01642 251963 // Stockton 01642 670390

    When times are hard, car servicing is something that can be pushed to the back of the financial queue, but to do so is false economy. A properly serviced vehicle will have much greater fuel efficiency than one not serviced and when you add the cost of say a motorway breakdown attributable to poor servicing then costs can go through the roof. But above all the knowledge that your vehicle is safe to drive is absolutely invaluable.

    Make sure you are not caught out this winter with inadequate tread or a below par battery, both of which could lead to you being stranded miles from home in the freezing cold, so take action now by calling in for a pre winter check up.

    For details of our MOT service please follow this link.


  • book direct for mot from small car to big bus we cater for all 01642 251963

    Every vehicle three years and beyond has to have a MOT test and be certified for road worthiness. So let M and M provide this service too alongside all the other services on offer. Make M and M your one stop shop for everything related to your pride and joy, giving you the satisfaction that you have obtained a professional service at an economical rate and the assurance that your vehicle is safe on the road.

    For details of our MOT service please follow this link.






    or call direct Stockton 01642 670390 / Middlesbrough 01642 251963


    Maintaining your exhaust is an important part of your vehicle maintenance and minimises pollution from both harmful fumes and from noise. The consequences of not maintaining your exhaust system can be quite serious because harmful gasses escaping from the exhaust and entering the passenger compartment can cause drowsiness leading to accidents. M and M can provide exhausts for every make of vehicle and can fit them while you wait so why shop elsewhere.

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